Pilot Training & Testing

We have over 20 years experience in helicopter flight training. We have A and C Category instructors ready to tailor a programme to suit your needs.

Types of training we undertake:

  • Solo Experience – Learn to fly a helicopter solo in 20 hours. No exams and only a basic driver’s medical required.
  • PPL (private pilot’s licence)
  • CPL (commercial pilot’s licence)
  • Instructor Ratings
  • Sling Ratings
  • Advanced Mountain training
  • Agricultural Training and Checking
  • Robinson Safety Awareness Training (RSAT); Renewals

We can undertake type ratings in a wide range of aircraft and offer CPL and PPL flight testing with our A Category flight examiners.

Solo Flight Experience

If you are not too sure if taking a Private Pilot License is for you or too much theory just isn’t your thing, we have the perfect program designed for you. This is a specially crafted program where students can get to fly solo at the end of the 20 hours of training. No exams are required and students go through a series of structured lessons of flight theory and practical flight training with a dedicated instructor. At the end of the 20 hours of training in the aircraft, once proven proficient, students can be signed off by the instructor to do his first solo flight!

Excellent as gift ideas, birthday treats or simply to tick off your bucket list to pilot a helicopter solo!

Private Pilot Training

This Private Pilot Course will path you to be proficiently trained in a helicopter and to obtain the Private Pilot License (PPL). With the license, you will be able to take non-paying passengers with you on a flight. Perfect to fly your family and loved ones on a scenic coastal experience.

This set of training will consist of studying and doing a set of exam topics required by CAANZ and also doing a minimum of 50 hours training in a helicopter before you are eligible to sit for the PPL Flight Test.

Commercial Flight Training

For those who are keen to take on flying as a career, this program is for you. We take existing PPL students or even students with zero flight experience to attain their Commercial Pilot License (CPL). The CPL training will require similar, but more advance knowledge, exam topics and trainees are required to pass all the exam papers required by CAANZ. We do provide classroom sessions to help you with the theories. On top of that, students will require at least 150 hours of training in a helicopter and have gone through various flight components before sitting for the CPL Flight Test.

Instructor Ratings

Fancy sharing what you love to do with others? TNT Helicopters offer Instructor Ratings as well. Be a Helicopter Flight Instructor and share your passion while meeting people from all walks of life. Being an instructor is also one of the best ways to earn and clock your flying hours before stepping into a full-ledge job to work as a Helicopter Pilot. Speak to us to find out more…

Advanced Mountain, Sling & Agriculture Ratings and Checkings

Our A Cat Instructors are super experienced in many aspects of helicopter flying. We do various ratings and checks for specific advanced helicopter work. Enquire within to find out more.

Flight Tests & Reviews

Need an external Flight Examiner for your school or looking to have your biennial checks done? Speak to us and we can help. Tests and reviews can be done at your location or onsite, whichever is the most feasible.

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