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Ross was one of my instructors during my initial training in Motueka in the early 2000’s. I completed instructor ratings, type ratings and was also employed by him for a period. I went on to work for Helicopters New Zealand and completed line training with Dave. My Career started off in Beautiful Motueka and took me to places overseas that I hadn’t even heard of. Both Ross and Dave have vast knowledge in the industry and will get you to where you need be. Highly recommend TNT Helicopters you won’t be disappointed.”

Ricci Hayward, Ex-HNZ Commercial Heli Pilot, B Cat Instructor, Greymouth

“I am grateful to the TNT team for the patience, care and knowledge transfer they have imparted to me.  I know I am getting the very best training that will keep me safe in the skies around New Zealand.”

Mike Ross, Helicopter Owner, North Island NZ

“I started from ground zero and was able to complete my CPL within five short months. I would highly recommend TNT Helicopters to anyone who is keen to take up helicopter flying.”

 Joshua Tay, TNT commercial pilot graduate (Singapore)

“TNT Helicopters has helped me attain all of my goals and it is still my number one choice of flight schools. Flying with TNT Helicopters has been the best flight training I have ever received. Having flown all over the world, I have always considered TNT Helicopters my home base for flight training.”

Matthew Lance, trainee pilot (USA)

“I completed both my commercial licence and instructor rating with TNT Helicopters. I loved every moment of the training and found everyone to be enthusiastic and professional. The area is also one of the best with so much varied terrain and facilities so close. I would recommend TNT Helicopters to anyone looking to start their flying career.”

Lance Burns, Pilot, Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter

“I have been in and around the rotary training industry for 25 years now, and I am yet to find or hear of an area that betters Motueka as a helicopter training area. You are subject to diverse weather and terrain, all while experiencing some fun flying. Your chances of flying most days are increased dramatically. This is a huge advantage, especially during initial training. Ross’s awareness of the commercial rotary industry will ensure safe and competent flight training. His contacts throughout the industry gives students good exposure to opportunity. I would highly recommend training with Ross and his team for your flight training.”

Glen Conning, CPL H (NZ, PNG, Canada), ‘B’ cat Instructor

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