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Customized Trainings Tailored to Individuals

We understand that everyone can have a busy schedule and one template timetable for training just wouldn’t work. Many of our students come from different walks of life and we like to hear you out to understand your goals and constraints while doing the flight training and we aim to meet your every need by tailoring a training schedule that will fit you perfectly. This is especially so for our International Students where time is money. We are happy to go easy or full-on, depending on how you would like your journey of learning to be. Chat with one of our instructors for more information!

Diverse Training Environments

Our region in Nelson Tasman offers the best training ground for flying in New Zealand. Not only is this place called the “Sunshine State” in New Zealand, the whole Nelson Bay is very protected from adverse weather by the mountain ranges surrounding it. You often get sunshine and conducive weather for flying while rain and storms are forecasted for the rest of the South island. With the excellent geographic location, flight training can happen most days throughout the year.

On top of that, it only takes 5 mins to fly from the coast to the mountains. This makes flight training in different environments very accessible and students need not spend large amount of time trying to get from one type of terrain to another. This enables more training time in the helicopter rather than spending time and money transiting between locations.

Experienced A-Category Instructors

At TNT Helicopters, our instructors are one of the best in New Zealand. Our training school is anchored with 2 very experienced A Cat Instructors, who are also CPL Flight Test Examiners. They know exactly what is required in the test syllabus and ensures that every student is well-taught on every knowledge and skills.

Our instructors believe in making learning fun and enjoyable while not compromising on standards. Speak to one of us to know more or you can visit “Our Instructors” Page to find out more.

TNT Helicopters
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Tel: 0800 835 943
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